On Sunday the 19th October, Narre Warren North Fire Brigade once again opened our doors to the community after a 2 year break.

The day went very well from a brigade perspective thanks to the help from surrounding brigades, other emergency services and the excellent service provided by the Rapid Relief Team and their BBQ, Coffee and handouts. We saw approximately 1000 people from all corners of the community attend, learn, inspect, enquire and engage in the different information stations, recruitment, appliances and activities that were available. The brigades and other services put on several demonstrations such as gas flare-off, casualty removal, thermal imaging in smoke filled structures, Hazmat awareness and draughting water from static supplies.

The kids and the "big kids" really enjoyed the different activities available to them like the Little Pat fire truck and getting to wear their own structure gear, using the brand new Ultra Light Tanker to put out simulation spot fires and of course being able to climb in and on the back of the different Fire trucks, Police car, Ambulance and SES truck. We really enjoy being able to put on these events for the community. After all we are there for them and being able to interact with, show the resources available to them and looking for new members to assist us, helps the community as a whole gain a better understanding of emergency response, preparations or safeguards they can do them selves and builds strong relationships.

We must thank Narre Warren SES, Vic Police, Hallam Fire Brigade, Upwey Fire Brigade, Office Fire Brigade, Rapid Relief Team, Kennards Hire Narre Warren, Narre Warren Baptist Church, Ambulance Victoria, Rob's Amusements and of course all our members that assisted making it happen and a huge thanks to the community for being part of the Open Day..

Open Day